LOMS CHIMICA is a company that was founded in 1956 in Prato, the heart of the Italian textile district. Loms offers a great experience in the field of manufacturing, marketing/sales and back office assistance of a wide range of chemical products for the textile industry.

Thanks to the great know-how acquired over the years LOMS CHIMICA has been able to deal all the particular situations that the global market has faced, providing its customers with solutions to their increasingly advanced needs.

Continuous research, development and innovation permit to LOMS CHIMICA to face the new challenges that the international market offers, maintaining a quality standard always very high.

The main values that belong to LOMS CHIMICA are:
- THE PRODUCT QUALITY: thanks to a team of technicians who are dedicated to research and development of new application solutions.
- ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: through the constant search for eco-friendly products.
- SAFETY AT WORK: through continuous training for its employees and the working activity on the respect of the existing rules on safety in the workplace
- CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: our company is able to customize the products according to specific customer needs and this is to allow us greater efficiency and competitiveness.