Prodotti chimici per l'industria tessile


LOMS CHIMICA offers a wide range of textile auxiliaries that can sustain the whole production cycle:
- Products for woolen spinning and for worsted spinning of all different fibers (natural, artificial, synthetic)
- Products for the preparation. the dyeing and the finishing.

Our company relies on the support and expertise of collaborators, who since many years are present on the market of textile auxiliaries and this allows us to deal most adequately the needs of our customers.

We can customize the products according to specific customer requirements and this leads us to be efficient and competitive, bringing satisfaction to the customer.

Our sales network, composed by technicians and agents, are able to offer to our customers all the necessary information for the best use of our products, in order to achieve an efficient and responsible service.

Also, our technicians are able to offer a valid support for the resolution of the various problems that may present during all the various processing stages.

LOMS CHIMICA offers the following products:

  • oiling
  • antistatic
  • fabric softener
  • degrasears
  • additives
  • cohesion agemts
  • aqueous solutions of silica micro dispersed
  • lubrificant for post-texturing
  • silicone softeners
  • defoamers
  • humectants
  • wetting

  • dispersants for dyeing
  • agents fulling
  • soaking
  • detergents
  • emulsifiers
  • solvent soaps for washing
  • wetting agents for dyeing and finishing
  • sequestering
  • fixating cellulosic
  • leveling cellulosic dyeing
  • polishing finishing
  • water repellent finishing
  • silicone softeners for finishing
  • cationic softening finishing
  • universal softening finishing
  • antistatic finishing
  • anti-crease dyeing
  • levelling agent, crease-inhibitor
  • desizing
  • fixatives for dyes
  • dyes

Thanks to the experience of our specialist and our agents at the lab we are able to prepare specific products for the sector of preparation, dyeing and finishing according to the article that the customer needs to do, thus improving consistently the quality of the same article and eliminating any imperfections.

For furthe technical information on the products, kindly contact our offices:
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Laboratory and factory Tel. +39 0573 744128/740626 e-mail: